Phone? Check.
Keys? Check.
Face mask? Double-check.

Wearing a mask when we leave the house has become a normal part of our everyday routine. Protecting ourselves and those around us has become the biggest priority for all of us. As important as it is to wear a mask, many people are experiencing unwanted side effects which has become known as “maskne.”

Maskne can be caused when the fabric is causing friction against the skin which can lead to irritation followed by inflammation and eventually causing spots as we are keeping sweat, dirt, and oil under a moist environment caused by our breath.

Maskne may be the new acne, but at Ursula Beauty and Aesthetic Specialist I can offer solutions to help combat this issue.

Starting with proper Homecare!

One of the most important ones is to change your mask regularly!

Cleansing your face twice a day is one of the best ways to prevent maskne.
Starting your day with clean skin under your mask means there is less residual sweat or dirt that ends up sitting there trapped underneath the fabric. Cleansing after you remove it for the day helps remove built-up bacteria, perspiration and dirt that may have collected during the day. Remember to be gentle on your skin rather than using harsh scrubs as they can cause more irritation to the skin. They are many cleansers available to purchase in my clinic which will be chosen especially to your skin type and needs. After washing your face apply a lightweight, oil-free, non-clogging moisturizer to prevent dryness and repair the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Right now, is a good time to let your skin breathe. Wearing too many products under your mask (i.e., foundation, concealer, powder) can cause a build-up on the skin and lead to additional irritation and breakouts. If you are already experiencing a crop of mask-related pimples, I recommend using a spot treatment which will help to resolve situational acne a day or two faster than leaving irritations to heal on their own. And one more such important thing! Whatever you do, please do not try to pick or pop a pimple. This is likely to lead to infection and possible scarring.

Since it looks like a face masks are here to stay for a while, being conscientious about taking care of your skin is more important than ever. If you experience maskne or other breakouts that persist more than a few days, please consider giving me a call so I will be able to provide my expert advice and choose the right products and treatments to help deal with your skin concerns.